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Dermal Fillers Specialist

Caring Pain Management

Jinghui Xie, MD, PhD

Pain Management Physician located in Montclair, NJ & Metuchen, NJ

Injectable dermal fillers are popular facial rejuvenation treatments that can help you look younger without surgery or downtime, in a cost-effective way. At Caring Pain Management, Jinghui Xie, MD/PhD, is now offering dermal fillers from her Montclair and Metuchen, New Jersey offices. To schedule your appointment for Botox injection, call your nearest office or use the online scheduler.

Dermal Fillers Q & A

What are dermal fillers for?

Dermal fillers are gel-like materials that are injected to restore lost volume under the skin, smooth lines, soften creases, and enhance facial contours.

It is a quick 10-minute treatment and you may start to see results within 1-5 days. The improvements are subtle enough that you look like yourself except for less noticeable facial lines.

Also known as “wrinkle fillers,” dermal fillers does much more than just smooth out wrinkles as they can:

  • Plump & enhance the lips
  • Smooth out lines around nose and mouth
  • Smooth out a chin crease
  • Enhance & restore volume to sunken cheeks or temples
  • And more!

How long do dermal filler results last?

The duration of the results vary depending on the product, area of treatment, and patient. For example, Hyaluronic acid fillers usually last shorter than other options, but they still last 6 to 18 months. To maintain your results, the treatment can be repeated with the amount and techniques adjusted as needed to achieve optimal results.

Are dermal fillers widely used?

In USA alone, the user of fillers increased significantly in recent years. For example, there were 1.8 million dermal filler procedures in 2010, and in 2016 it already increased to 2.6 million.
If you are interested in learning more about the dermal fillers and if it is for you, please call Caring Pain Management or request an appointment using the online scheduler.